ThE sOuL oF frEEdoM

An endless miles with you

Sunday, February 20, 2011


bye bye blogspot

i am going to abandon this blog

if u dont mind, come and visit my new place ^^

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i'm back =)


the day after FSA paper, we came out to release our stress!


the subjects are getting harder

this is what i could say =(

Simply Fish was our choice to satisfy our mouths and stomachs


i just love the way they decorate the restaurant

while waiting for the meals to be served.....


this is the face that we always show to her =P

i was combing her hair by the fork

yuckzzz XD

ivy, me, ellyn

my salmon fish

perhaps my expectation for this salmon fish was too high

its taste quite disappointing me

tsx's lamb chop

lobster !

放电吗? shy~~~


love is in the air~


hou hang fok XD

countless pictures would be taken whenever hanging out with them


after buying the movie tickets,

we came to A Famosa which located behind DP

the scene is very nice there

有一种要步入教堂的感觉 -.-

i am so shy to say some sweet words

u know de la~~~ =D

两个背后灵 ~.~

after some shooting,we were heading for this movie

Andy Lau is still so man


i rate this movie for ★★★

girl's mindset really different from guy's mindset



i'm sorry @@

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in my ♥

i wish u a Merry Christmas :)


i believe everyone is enjoying their Christmas night now

may u have a good good night ^^

we had a memorable gathering with COS gang 1 day before Christmas eve XD

MG's cafe was our choice as phik xuan is a vegetarian

fyi, MG's cafe is a vegetarian cafe :)

after the meal, i truly love to be "carnivore"

i cant live with vegetables and flour only @@

me n ellyn er

おばさん pose
just bear with my poor japanese language
btw, i am going to have a japanese language reading test soon =/

i upload this picture simply because my legs looked slim

perhaps that is angle problem

just feel good to see this! hahaaha

bollywood take 1

bollywood take 2

me n ibee er

our next destination was Portuguese Settlement

i just amazed by the decoration of the houses

the Christmas atmosphere was very strong there

my heart was warmed ;))

my little rose

i bought it for a long time dy

but i seldom to tie my hair

i always buy for fun -.-

i prefer my face to be chubby

but i think i am over chubby liao =(


can u spot my shoes?

kisiao yiheng said my shoes looked like uncle McD's shoes

mana ada la -.-

the suprise of the day

happy belated birthday to ah yeo n yiheng


group picture without kuan long

pity me :(

i became a human tripod


clubbing at Portuguese Settlement ?? XDD

the storm before Christmas?

we were attracted by this special n lovely hairclip

so cute so cute! =D

花痴? hahahaa

i drew my eyebrows that day, with my EYELINER

i am very pro right LOL

the main character of Avatar


i like this +)

中马票的表情 @@

the guys =p


Merry Christmas to the earth again

a brand year is around the corner! ^^


women's heart are not made by the iron n steel

the soul of freedom will always be my persistence

my freedom is more than everything =)